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From: Jill Proctor

We miss you Wes!! Love you!!!!!


From: Karen Dirksen

Wes, you are loved and missed very much.


From: Coach Mac McIllwain



From: Charlotte Edlin

Can't believe it's been 12 years since you've been gone Wes. I will always cherish my memories of the Woodlawn ball park and travel team days, gone way to soon.


From: Stephanie Chester

I can't believe it's been 12 years...we were camping down Buchanan that week end and stopped at Cindys to eat and I saw it in the paper...we were in total disbelief. Wesley was such a fine young man. He still holds a special place in my heart. God Bless you all.


From: Sally Allen

This year during orientation, my 7th grade daughter Bella, received her locker assignment. She came running back into the gym to tell me that she got Wesley's locker! She was so excited! She of course never knew Wesley, neither did I, but the impression Ms. Patsy and Wade have made on so many showed Bella how special this was. She immediately ran over to the front office at CA to tell Ms. Patsy, but she wasn't here. So we later called her on the phone and Bella excitedly told her that she had gotten Wesley's locker. It made Bella's day and of course Ms. Patsy's. Wes's memory will continue to live on for so many at CA due to the love and kindness of  Wade & Patsy show to so many.


From: Brenda Wood

I know Wes is looking at the new playground with that wonderful smile. Knowing that he was part of it. Still miss that cutie.  ______________________________________________________________________________________

From: Jan Hammond

It was good to go to Wes's website tonight, it was like I was checking on him. Miss y'all and your precious Wesley. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

From: Caroline Burchett

I still think about Wes almost everyday, though I was not privileged to have very many vivid memories with him, since he went to heaven when I was only in 4th grade. My all time favorite story Cal ever told me is actually pictured at the top of this page, but they had the bright idea for twin day to make completely duck taped suits. Later Cal realized that they all sweat A LOT and the duck tape did not help that situation, but nothing ever stopped them form doing something they set their mind to and especially having school spirit! I think this character plays true to every story my brother tells me about Wes, and I love hearing new ones almost every time I am with my brother. Wes had the biggest heart, jus like his parents, and he did everything with his entire hear, mind, body and soul. I wish I could have gotten to know him better, but I look forward to seeing his bright shining smile in heaven some day!_______________________________________________________________________________________                        

From: Lauren Yurus
To the boy I always saw with a smile. I was always the little sister, it bothered me greatly. I wanted to fit in so bad with Matt and all his friends. Not only a new school, but new friends and I really missed my old ones. Finally, the big break.. At a basketball game Wes and Andy were filming and Matt told me to go on and leave them alone, and Wes said, "sure you can sit here." It was the little things about Wes, that made you feel warm inside. Who knows why I chose to remember such a simple story.. He taught me a lot, who knew it was possible to shine for God each and everyday? We miss you, can't wait to see you again.


From: Judy Woodring 


Beneath your breast he waits, heart beating, feet kicking, stretching and reaching. He grows, seems impatient, as are you, for soon he is due. Then in a blink: They place him in your arms, tiny face, tiny fist, bright piercing eyes. Baby sighs, he is yours, to love, to protect, to cherish, to nourish. You believe you know how Mary felt, long ago in that manger, where baby Jesus slept beneath the open stars. Both babies ages apart, cradled by mothers and held close to beating hearts. Then in a blink: He is a toddler, calling your name. Little boy of joy, skinned knees, and endless tears watch as he finds his way. Growing stronger each passing day. Then in a blink: Your precious boy dressed for school, readies for the adventure, while you hold on for perhaps a moment too long. Will they love him as tenderly as you, if not, what will you do. How could they not, this little boy, full of grace, beautiful smile upon his face. Then in a blink: He graduates to bigger toys, older boys, to baseball games where the sun beats down upon his frame. Where you call his name as runners score and your young man stands proud among his peer, smiling amid the many cheers. His life is full, his future bright, as he says his prayers in the still of the night. Then in a blink: Gone is the laughter, the cheers, the smiling face. Gone without notice you have lost focus, nothing seems right, everything is way to quiet without your darling boy. There is little joy, too soon, too soon, this empty room. Then in a blink: God reaches down from His high throne and reminds you, you are not alone. Your boy has gone to a heavenly home and in that dark and empty space God fills you with His loving grace. Reminding you that your son awaits, just inside the golden gates. Then in a blink: You know what your son would want of you, what he expects you to do. There is another child with a lonely face in need of a warm embrace. Ten more children come your way, then more and more each passing day. Your precious boy watches from above, as you guide them all with mother's love. Then in a blink: Someone like me learns of this special space filled with memories of a lost son's amazing grace, his beautiful smile, his loving face. We learn that his life though very brief, left so much joy amid such grief. It's through these words that his memory lives on with each passing day, inspiring others along the way. In a blink: A son was born and the world suddenly become a better place.    __________________________________________________________________________________________________

From: Brenna Davis
I remember when we were in 6th or 7th grade Steph and I would always write Wes notes and give them to him. The problem was that he would never write us back. Well one day we asked him why he never wrote to us even when we put WBS-write back soon- at the end of every letter. I'll never forget what he said... " Oh! That's what that means! I thought that ya'll were writing my initials all this time... Wesley Brandon Smith... I wondered how you knew my middle name." Haha that's my favorite memory. At least he is always with us now. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

From: Brenda Smith-Wood
When Wesley was small my Mother (his Granny Frances) had done something (can't remember what)and Wes said "Let that be a lesson to you". She remembered that and would repeat it to me often, whenever I did something I should have thought about before doing. He would call her Hazel (Uncle Don taught him that) and always brought a smile to her face. You could not be in his presence and not smile.


From: Hannah White                                                                                                                         Wes played baseball and hit his first home run in 2004. As well as baseball, he enjoyed Taekwondo, football, skiing, four-wheeling, skate boarding and the list goes on. Whatever he did, he did well. He played hard and did his best. The people that knew Wes admired him. He was a great person that loved life and lived it having fun with family and friends. I never had a chance to meet Wes, but I have listened to people stories. I know he was a wonderful person. Maybe I will meet him later in Heaven. He was born May 15, 1988. At the age of 16, God took him home. Save a place for us Wes!                                     __________________________________________________________________________________________________

From: Liz Ladd
Wes, I miss you buddy. We think about you all the time. Love, Liz _________________________________________________________________________________________________    

From: Brittany Decker
it seems like forever since i have visited with my fellow clarksvillians. i'm ashamed that it took a friend's death for me to contact old friends. one thing that i remember about wes was his inability to say something bad about another person. i don't think anyone could convince him to utter a word of dislike towards a fellow student. wes is a figure of what we should all be. it saddens me to know that the opportunity for so many to know him has physically come to an end, but seeing how his friends have kept him alive gives hope that many more can come to see what a great person he was. thank you for being an inspiration. i noticed that you said that his favorite biblical figure was moses. "For no one has ever shown the mighty power or performed the awesome deeds that Moses did in the sight of all Israel." --Deuteronomy 34:12 _____________________________________________________________________________________

From: Melissa Martin
Thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for blessing us with Wesley Smith. I just know there's gonna be a double header going on in heaven this Saturday as the baseball field is dedicated...

From: Cal Burchett
I have never written anything on here, but I have always enjoyed reading what everyone has to say. There has yet to be a day go by I don't think of him. There never will be. I was just thinking about a time he came up with the idea of a tri sports race. He wanted to start at his house in our trucks pulling our jetskis to the river. Put the jetskis in and race to a certain agreed on point and then race back to the house in our trucks(with the jetskis attached of course). And then when we got back to his house we would race four wheelers around the track. I know he would of beaten me, but its these kind of ideas that make me smile. I know he is in heaven right now riding jetskis and four wheelers. God bless!

From: Stephanie Martin
I remember the first time I saw him. Woodlawn Park...sitting in the bleachers watching a softball game. While in the dugout Marti (his girlfriend) pointed him out to me...I thought he was SO cute! I loved him as soon as I saw him. Then, he came to Clarksville Academy and everyone liked him! I wanted to go out with him so bad, so I wrote him a note asking him out...even though it was against 'the rules'! I remember exactly where everyone was standing at the end of the day when we were all getting picked up from school...My friends and I were at the corner of the art/1st/2nd grade building...and he was across the street near the kindergarten building. We were all being silly and giggly trying to yell at Wes on the other side! My friends were asking him about my little love note and he yelled back saying "Yes!" I was so excited!! Wesley was my first real boyfriend who I will never forget and always look up to...


From: Dave Genz
What a blessing to have been able to be a part of your life. It was at a Houston County baseball game when Wesley was in the seventh grade I first experiened his passion for baseball. He was my manager. He was small, but he was mighty. My manager had more passion for the game of baseball than did my players at the time. The more I got to know Wes, the more I realized he did not just have a passion for baseball, but he had passion for his parents, his life and most importantly.........a Passion for CHRIST!!! It was also on that day when I was blessed to meet Wade and Patsy. The Lord Jesus Christ blessed me on that day by bringing the Smiths into my life. You will always be and have been in our families thoughts and prayers.


From: Magan Perry
Just wanted you to know we were thinking about you wes!!! We miss you! Hope you guys are doing well Wade and Patsy. Love Mark, Jackie, Magan, and TJ Perry We will never forget that big smile and all the great times we had with wes..He is hitting home runs in heaven! I know that you and TJ and even Andy are giving some baseball players a run for their money...I can't wait to see you boys again!!! Tell my little brother I said hello..and you are older so you take care of him until we get there to live in peace forever!


From: Marti Leigh
I've known Wesley ever since I was in elementary school. I have never known anyone to be as strong willed as he was. He never did anything he did not want to do and he stood up for anyone, even if they might not have been the "cool kid." He was the most loving person I have met and I still have yet to meet anyone that is quite like him. He invited me to his birthday party in the fifth grade and I was so excited to be able to go. It was at Woodlawn Park and I remember there was a metal tub that had ice and all the drinks in it. As the ice melted, he was dumped into the tub and I thought it was funny and so his mom decided to get me too. She picked me up and dumped me in. That was the best time. Everyone was care free. I know without a doubt that Wesley IS is heaven and is watching all of us and can't wait to see us just like we can't wait to see him. I know I loved him and he had a great impact on my life and I can not wait until I get to see his smiling face again.


From: Brittany Walker
Some of my fondest memories of Wesley come from our middle school dances. We would have them in the cafeteria during 6th period, and any middle schooler who didn't want to attend would sit in the library. Wesley always made it his obligation to convince everyone in the library to join in, and made sure that he asked every girl to dance with him so nobody would feel left out. He often intervened between our petty 'social cliques', promoting peace and making sure to be nice to everyone. It's because of Wesley that I'm able to be so confident around the peers in my grade... had it not been for him, I doubt any of our middle school 'cliques' would have been able to get along so well.


From: Gary Dacus
When Wes was real young (probably 4 or 5) he would follow my son Justin around the baseball card show I set up and lost money on cards as Wes's dad did also. Wes's, at the time, speech was just as expected for a 4-5 year old and would always mutter to us when looking for Justin ..wer deboy buy baeball cards...Sherry and I talk about that memory to this day ...After seeing Mrs. Patsy today we felt like sharing this memory for all.


From: Tyler Mayfield
When I was over at Wesley's house one day with my brother Derek. They were in Wesley's room playing with cars. This is when I was three and Wes was about ten. Wesley had noticed that I was alone and had nothing to do so he invited me to play cars with them. Even though I am Wes's cousin I wish I got to know him more then what I did. I know my brother Derek did, because one of the days we went over to Wesley's house, which I do not remember Wesley had gave Derek a ninja star. On this day Derek has a Wesley pin that you put on your shirt and that ninja star on the rebel flag I got him.

From: Heather McDaniel
One of the great things that I remember about Wes was his ability to always put a smile on someone's face. It was Toni and my first year at CA and I remember he would always come and talk to us. He always was very nice, i can't even remember a time when he wasn't smiling. He was such a strong christian, always inviting people into FCA. He was just a very sweet and pleasant person to be around. When I think back on the memories, it always brings a smile to my face.


From: Nicole McGraw
I didn't know Wes(I saw the Web site on the back of a maroon car) but my cousin Brandon Nieman died about 2 years ago, when he was just 14 years old, from heart failure while playing football, around the same time Wes died and I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss and that I will be praying for your family. My deepest sympathys, Nicole McGraw.

From: Megan Bandel
When everyone, including my sister, Stephanie, were starting to drive, my sister got into a car accident. Before school the next day, she was swearing up and down that she'd never sit behind the whell again. However, when she got home after school that day, she said that she wanted to go out driving again immediately. It wasn't until after Wesley's death that we realized what made her drive again. Wes had gone up to Steph and told her, now I am paraphrasing, that things happen, but we can't let them keep us from doing the things we want to do. Now that I look back, I realize I didn't know Wesley existed until that fateful day. However, he has made more of an impact upon my life now than he ever did when he was alive, and that is a hard thing to accomplish.

From: Jared Bowers
It has been a while since I have commented on this site. I miss Wes very much. I always think about what if he were alive today, what Wes would have accomplished. I wish nothing but the best of luck for Ms. Patsy and Mr. Wade in the future.

From: Lisa Henning
Yesterday in church, I found myself not listening to what was said, but thinking about Wes and the way he lit up everyone's life. I find it amazing how 2 years have passed and the way he lived his life still affects everyone that knew him. I'll always keep the Smith family in my prayers, and I'll never forget Wes.

From: Melissa Martin
I came to know Wes as Stephanie's first "boyfriend". She was so excited to receive from him a beautiful heart necklace...and we were trying to figure out what to give him. We knew that one of his main interest was baseball, so we searched and searched for a book on baseball. We poured over a few, and had to be quite selective, as some stories of former pro players were a little too detailed! There is not one single day that goes by without my thinking of the Smith family...what an awesome family! We all realize what a fine young man that Wes was, and still is in our hearts...and know that his moral values and the way he loved life was instilled in him by his Mom and Dad. Wade and Patsy...thank you, as this is a gentle reminder to me everyday to trust in God knowing that Wes is shining in Heaven with that sunshine yellow and that beautiful smile. You are in my prayers daily. Melissa Martin

From: Ricky Robertson
Well, I can finally sit down and write. I have tried this several times and could not do it. I have known Wade and Patsy for a long time and can think of no better people that I can call friends. I remember Wes going from shortest on the little league team to the one of the tallest. He seemed to grow overnight. I remember hunting with Wes and his dad behind their house and calling in a couple of deer for Wes to take a few shots at and finally getting one. I also remember paintball. I remember running through the woods thinking I had outsmarted everyone only to run into Wes and my son Dakota who were only to happy to pelt me with plenty of paint. I remember Wes and baseball, those two words go together very well. I was very honored to be the president of the Woodlawn little league and to dedicate the senior field in his name. I thought I would not make it through that day. It was very hard to stand in front of everyone without making a mess of my speech that took a couple of weeks to write and then I skipped most of it. That was one the hardest speeches I have ever had to deliver. I can think of several other stories mostly about baseball but I will share them another time. We will miss Wes but I feel blessed at having known him.

From: Beverly Clark-Tice
Hello, I was just back in Clarksville visiting my sister Angie Henson and her adorable family. And once again we spoke of your son "Wes". He will never be forgotten even to those of us who have never met him. But on the other hand, it feels as though I do. :) Thank you for being a good friend to her.(Angie) Beverly

From: Melissa Martin
I feel like true Wesley Smith spirit was at our Senior Night ballgames the other night...Wow, what games the boys and girls played....and what great CA school was special. Wade and Patsy, thank you for all that you both do for Clarksville see you both so involved over at school and living each and every day to the fullest is quite an inspiration to my family and me.

From: Beverly Clark Tice

From: Andy Smith
I haven't wrote anything in a long time but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Wes at least one time a day and I don't think that will ever change. I remember Wes and I would ride bikes 4 miles to Griffies market just about everyday during the summer we really got into it we would have crazy conversation all the time when we would ride. One day Wes Wade and I rode all the way from Woodlawn to pizza hut on 41A we had a great time by the time we arrived back into Woodlawn we had rode 21 miles it was really fun.


From: Jonathan Smith
One day, Wesley and Jonathan Buck and I were riding 4-Wheeler around his track by his house. I had the awesome idea to pull the mountain board behind the 4-Wheeler using a ski rope.. I tried it and feel...but Wesley was determined to land this jump. Usually when Wesley got hurt or received any kind of injury he would run around in circles going..ohh.ahhh..oooo ..ahh. But when I drove him off that landed on his wrist and instead of running in circles he ran straight for the house. I knew something was wrong. Turns out he broke his wrist. I knew it. But the most intriguing thing was that instead of using his broken arm (the one he painted with) as an excuse. He painted with his right arm instead. Only showing his love and dedication for art. Mrs. Drew and myself were really impressed with his lighting portrait which in my opinion was great. This alone shows how much effort Wesley gave in everything. He will be forever remembered for his love and caring for everything he was involved in. And in my book, the hero that i look up to for guidance. We love you Wes.

From: Jennifer McCandless
I remember when Wes and I dated when I was in 8th and he was in 9th grade. He was the sweetest guy ever. I am so happy he is at a better place now. I just want him to know I miss him so much and think about him all the time.

From: Karen Dirksen
I was not as blessed as most of you. I only knew Wes for a short time, But in that time I have memories of him that make me feel lucky. Wes's smile is still contagious, just the thought warms my heart.Wes loved life, and lived for life. He continues to touch others even in Heaven. I have a Quote from Helen Keller that makes me think of Wes. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart". The Smith Family has a place in my heart forever.

From: Beverly Clark-Tice
I personally do not know this "Wes". However, in my heart I feel like I know him. My sister, Angie Henson and my niece Emily Henson has spoken so highly about him and what a unique, kind person he was. I just wanted to express to the family that I am sorry for your loss. One very comforting and important thing my mother told me before she left us, was that our "memories" were forever! They were ours whenever we wanted then. Believe me I use my quite often. I feel her presents from time to time. Its a simple reminder to me that everything is okay. A great comfort. This website was a wonderful idea. I have enjoyed reading about and seeing your son. You have to be a proud mother/father. God Bless you. Beverly Tice

From: Ben Morgan
After Wes and his dad built his mini-ramp, he invited Johnathan Brodie and myself over to spend the night and skateboard all night. Wes taught me how to drop in. All that night, we just skateboarded and watched movies. A little later in the night, Mrs. Patsy brought out a camera and took some rather embarrasing photos of the three of us. Luckily those pictures never made it to school. All and All, it was one of the greatest nights I had ever spent with Wes, just having fun like we always did.

Another one of my favorite memories, Mr and Mrs. Smith took the both of us snowboarding in Paoli peaks, and within 30 minutes Wesely learned how to snowboard better than I did. He was a crazy snowboarder, he always tried to do different tricks without thinking twice about it. He would ride as fast as he could all the time, at times it was hard to keep up with him. But I really miss snowboarding with him..


From: Mary Ann Vick
Wesley's life offered no shortage of excitement, while he was living among us. Besides being ambitious at school, playing sports with his friends, or entertaining his family with his "infectious" personality, he was embarking for the first time of experiencing being sixteen years old, driving his own truck to Clarksville Academy and having his own "parking place." There was just something extraordinarily regarding Wesley's life. He new how it felt to be human, and how important it was to have a spirit of giving to others. Each new day brought a new challenge for him to conquer. Wesley was genuinely interested in people, and because of this, everyone enjoyed spending time with him. In closing, I believe Wesley would like for me to share this Bible verse. "Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for behold, your reward is great in heaven." -Luke 6:23 With Love, Mary Ann Vick & Family

From: Dana Self
I don't have a story nor did I know Wes. I just know that tonight I went to the Riverfest and I parked across the street in a parking lot, that they were taking donations for the Wesley Smith Memorial Field Fund. I remember reading the newspaper about what happened almost a year ago. It broke my heart, as I prayed for his family. Tonight, a gentleman gave me a card with all the information on it. So when I got home, I got on the web site and read every story about this precious human being. I wish I could have met him. All the stories were so beautiful. We have so much going on in our world and its nice to know that there are so many good people out there willing to make Wes' dreams come true. He is smiling down on all of you. I will continue to pray for this family. You truly touched my heart more than you will know.

From: Sharee Burkhart
I found this link from the newspaper. I think the site is wonderful and touching but doesn't say anything about how Wes passed away.I was very disappointed to not be able to read that story. Thanks, God bless and so sorry for our loss :(

From: Britney Mohney


From: Channing Grimes
Even though I no longer attend Clarksville Academy I have always thought that it was a second home just as Wes did. I have so many great memories there! I'll never forget going to all the dances, and never did it fail the DJ would play the exact same songs EVERY TIME! Particularly that one song by Lone Star called "Amazed." And every time that song was played I remember him coming over and grabbing me and Brittany Straw and the three of us would dance to that song and he would just sing to us the entire time! So now every time I hear that song it makes me feel as if I'm a little bit closer to him. There was another time that I keep close to my heart and it was Freshman year Halloween dance. Wes was a PIMP and me and a few other girls were Barbie Dolls! Well let me just say he was "Big Pimpin" he was just as cute as he could be with that purple suit on, trimmed with zebra print on the outsides might I add. He had the entire outfit! His Bling-Bling necklace, earring, and rings. AND that hat! We had a BLAST that night and i will never forget it! I miss you Wes! Until we meet again! Love you!

From: Jimmy Smith
One bright sunny Saturday morning while building some shelving for my garage, Wes and Andy asked if I had any extra wood they could have. Without questioning, I gave them what they asked for. They began building this "thing" unrecognizable to me. I asked them what they were building and Wes said a "Street Luge". When they fininshed they took this sled on skateboard wheels down to the hill by the lake and with Patsy as a lookout and traffic control cop, they proceeded to ride this thing down the hill at reported speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. They returned laughing and sharing how much fun they had in spite of minor injuries. Andy had "road rash" that left a permanent scar on his fingers. I know he doesn't mind though because it will let him always remember that great Saturday morning. Those two guys always amazed me at how much fun and creativity they had together. I thank God that Andy had such a great friend of such great character to spend his time with. We will meet again.


From: Melissa Martin
Just another note to say that not one single day goes by without thinking of Wes and the Smiths....and how very precious each and every day is. That is quite a legacy that Wes' memories help us to see God's love for us in all things. Wade and Patsy, have a great mission are such special folks to convey the love of baseball and most importantly, God's love to all.

From: Joseph Coker
Me and Wes were never very close but a couple of days before a basketball camp I looked at our basketball picture from CA .... when I was at the camp and I saw CA playing it really made me think about Wes. I'm happy for Wes he is in a better place ... Wes I cant wait to see you in heaven

From: Jim and Annie Thompson
May God's love make your grief less. We pray that you and your family have strength and peace each day. We love you and wanted you to know that we are thinking of you today.

From: Chris Winn
I always enjoyed umpiring Wes' baseball games. He epitomized "sportsmanship". When someone dies in his prime, it says something to us all about making the most of the time we have.

From: Tony Schrecker
My sister is Melissa Martin, so that makes me Stef's uncle. I've been living in Florida since Dec. of 1971. As I was growing older in New Providence and Clarksville, I new some of Wes's older relatives from Woodlawn due to playing ball most of my breathing moments. I was back home attending a small basketball reunion shortly after Wes went to heaven. I learned of the connection and affiliation Wes had with Melissa, Stephanie, and their family. Therefore, I took this news a bit more than, just news. After just being informed of this website 2 days ago, I decided to check it out. I sat here and read through these stories, and actually had tears oozing down my cheeks. I know they were filled with fun moments, and memorable times, but reading the words spoken by his friends and family, (of some which I know) told me how incredibly fond they were of him. I didn't know the fellow, but I'm fond of him as well. You know, when one leaves behind a LEGACY such as Wes did, and in such so few of years, it makes your time on earth worth so much more valuable. I could see all that in the stories and the pictures. I'll be checking the website in the future. My thoughts are with all of you folks that are missing his specialness.

From: Kay Drew
This site makes me feel happy. I love every word and photo that is posted at this time.

From: Jared Bowers
When the academy had beaten Mongomery Central I believe was his freshman year the crowd stormed the court in excitement. Myslef being overjoyed and all and Wes was the only one i saw i ran up to him and jumped on his back and gave him a peck on the head and he turned around in the most shocked way.

From: Blaire Fleming
My favorite memory of Wes is from my sisters 16 b-day party. Of course I couldn't be downstairs cause I was the "little kid". Anyways I came downstairs to get a glass of water and take it up to my room and I was walking through the den and I heard a big boom. I turned around and saw Wes and Cal wrestling on the floor. They were rolling everywhere and tripping over everything. Well Wes won of course and my sister stood with her foot on top of Cal in victory. This story always brings a smile to my face. I even have a picture of Wes tackling Cal. It is so funny! Wes will always be in my heart. Another thing is at my sisters parties when she would yell at me to leave her alone he would always stick up for me. Thanks Wes for being there for me.


From: Theresia Burchett
I have lots of Wes stories but they are told to me by Cal and Mary Beth. The latest one was Monday night. As I was helping Cal study for Chemisty, on one of his old tests was the words divot repair. I asked what is that there for. He said during the test Wes asked him what was in his pocket and Cal answered by writing it on his test. What good boys writing to each other during a test rather than talking. Keeps them out of trouble. On another test on the back written in Cal's handwriting was Wes is stupid, written in Wes's handwriting was Wes is Beautiful and Wes is Hot. I know this story is not much but it helped put a smile on Cal's and my face during studying so I thought it might put a smile on yours today. Your in my daily prayers, Theresia

From: Andy Smith
I remember one day Wes and I were bored, and we could not decide what to do. Wes thought a while and said lets make a movie and I was hasty at the idea at first but he always had a was of convincing you of anything he wanted to. Wes wanted to make a four-wheeler movie. I had never thought in an million years that Mrs. Patsy would ever go out in the middle of the woods and film us, but i guess Wesley got her to do it. first we did donuts in behind John Bucks house in this huge mud hole. We were doing donut about inches away from each other it looked great on film ,but if that wasn't enough we had to go down in Wesley's bigo creek behind his house. I can't forget how Wes giving all that he has, all the time flipped it didn't land on him but it was dangerous. We started back down the creek splashing and trashing through the water. Wes was so pleased with the video. I remember him saying it was wicked/awesome. He came up with the grand finally to run and jump into the pond but it was the dead of winter, so we did it the water was cold but i don't even care now all that maters is that the great time me and Wes had and that i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Maybe one day Mrs. White will let CA watch it in school or something.


From: Melissa Cavallini
When I met Kent, now my husband, many of the stories I heard from him involved Jonathan and Wesley. There were funny stories, hiking and camping stories, and stories simply about what a great time he always had with them. As I listened to all these stories, and being an outdoor-sey person myself, I eagerly looked forward to spending time with “the guys” too. The first time I really got to spend a lot of time with them was at the Youth Convention in Gatlinburg in March of 2003. During free time Roy, Jonathan, Wesley, Kent and myself went hiking in the mountains to the “Chimney tops”. From the start of our day, the boys constantly made fun of Kent for “abandoning” them to be with me, and for “spoiling the fun” by getting engaged. They kept saying that they just knew this would be the end since he was getting married. They had us laughing constantly. As we hiked the rigorous trail, the boys stayed well ahead of us, running at times, putting as much trail behind them as fast as they could. I remember getting very close to the top, and they were already there of course, waiting for us for the final climb up some rocks. We saw them as we came closer, and instead of staying on the trail, Kent and I took a side path, and Roy told the boys that we were already at the top, and asked them how they let us get by. We could see them from where we were, and it was so funny seeing their expressions, as they thought we had caught up, and even passed them up without them knowing. When the joke was over, and we had all made it to the top of the mountain, we just sat back, and relaxed, looking at the beauty all around us. It was one of those moments where you think “I never want to forget this moment”, and it’s one I don’t think I ever will. Kent and I have talked about that hike many times, and it is very special to us. Wesley was the kind of kid who would make you smile, no matter what he was doing. He seemed to live life to the fullest, as if he wanted to take advantage of every chance he got, to experience everything he could, to appreciate life as much as possible. He was truly a blessing to everyone who knew him, and he will live in our hearts forever, until we see him again.


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